Month: April 2013

Festin’ and Digestin’

This weekend kicks off the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, known to locals simply as Jazz Fest. The seven day festival is split between April 27-29 and May 2-5.

Known for it’s extensive music lineup, the festival brings headliners Billy Joel, Maroon 5, John Mayer and Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few,  to the New Orleans Fair Grounds this year. Not to mention notable jazz greats like Pete Fountain and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The festival is also an opportunity for popular local artists, like Trombone Shorty and Amanda Shaw, and New Orleans high school jazz bands to perform for tourists from across the country.

Jazz Fest is more than just music, it’s an excuse to eat some of the best food South Louisiana has to offer. Fried eggplant, crawfish bread and bread pudding with any sauce you can imagine keep the festival goers full as they move from concert to concert and check out the local vendors. Crafts, clothes, jewelry and even housewares are sold by craftspeople from all over the United States. Many come back every year for the experience more than the sales.

Jazz Fest is an all day event. Families and friends get to the grounds at 11 am when the gates open and often stay until the headliner finishes at about 7 pm. If you’re like me, this is exciting because you get at least two meals and can choose from almost 100 concerts. I  went for the last time in 2011 to see Jason Mraz, but found out I really like Amos Lee too. Jazz Fest is an experience more than anything else. Just go with the flow and you’re bound to have fun.

Clearly I took this video before I came to Mizzou and understood the importance of a tripod, but here’s Jason Mraz singing “Butterfly.”

Greek Week Canned Food Drive

While collecting cans during April is nothing new for MU’s Greek community, but this year over 15,000 cans are staying within the Mizzou community. Tiger Pantry, a food bank that provides for Mizzou students, is this year’s beneficiary.

“It’s really cool to kind of stay involved in the Mizzou community because I think that that’s what Greek Week is all about,” said Kathryn Jankowski, director of Greek Week service.

Jankowski said she is excited about donating to Tiger pantry because it’s an opportunity to show off the  Greek community to both the Columbia and Mizzou Community that is not Greek.

“It’s not just about celebrating ourselves, it’s about showing off why what we do is important,” said Jankowski.

Typically, the cans are created into CANstructions, but  with rain in the forecast, today’s event was cancelled.

“It’s a bummer because we thought the weather was going to be bad, and the weather turns out to be fine,” said Jankowski. “So the food bank is just going to come by and pick up the food we’ve been counting all morning.”

The cans will go to the Central Missouri Food Bank where they will distribute it to Tiger Pantry and some other local organizations.

Members of Mizzou's Greek community help count and sort over 15,000 cans collected during this year's Greek Week on Wednesday, April, 17, 2013.

Members of Mizzou’s Greek community help count and sort cans collected during this year’s Greek Week on Wednesday, April, 17, 2013.

Over 15,000 cans were collected this year, including everything from peanut butter to vegetables.

Over 15,000 cans were collected this year, including everything from peanut butter to vegetables. Cans were sorted on Tiger Plaza Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

The Newseum

Over spring break, my family and I visited DC for the first time. Along with all of the classic tourist sites like the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II monument, I wanted to go to the Newseum. My parents hadn’t ever heard of it, but a few of my friends told me it was definitely worth seeing since I like journalism.

We started with the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. I’d seen a few of the photos in previous journalism classes, but after taking photos for my multimedia journalism class, I have a newfound appreciation for both the photos and the photographers. They are not only experts with the technology, but these photographers have the ability to capture an event that is evocative and real. My mom saw photos from the Oklahoma City bombing and started tearing up. I admire they’re ability to relay emotion so effectively.

I didn’t know the museum contained so many artifacts. I’m not exactly sure what I expected to see there, but it definitely wasn’t sections of the Berlin Wall and Katrina-damaged TV monitors. Seeing these pieces of history really help put the stories into context. From a mock-up of Tim Russert’s office to vehicles damaged during international reporting, the Newseum displays the many different careers journalists can have. The journalists’ memorial was almost surreal. After walking through international equipment, it was very humbling to see a wall of people who died for journalism. Everyone in the room was speaking quietly, and seemed to pay respect as they read about the journalist’s lives. That exhibit and the September 11 exhibit were the most solemn and powerful. An entire wall is covered with newspaper front pages from across the country alongside the pictures and equipment of a photojournalist who died documenting the tragedy. I was only in third grade when it happened, so seeing the coverage brought up some new perspectives for me.  I think it’s so admirable that this museum it highlighting the importance of journalism when the media is changing so much and trust  in journalists if  lower than it used to be.

Photo of the West Berlin Wall at the Newseum on Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Photo of the West Berlin Wall at the Newseum on Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Outside of teh Newseum entrance, the museum displays the day's front pages from every state.

Outside of teh Newseum entrance, the museum displays the day’s front pages from every state.

A replica of the late Time Russert's Meet the Press office wall.

A replica of the late Time Russert’s Meet the Press office wall.

Hurricane Katrina damaged TV monitor and cell phone from New Orleans NBC affiliate WDSU.

Hurricane Katrina damaged TV monitor and cell phone from New Orleans NBC affiliate WDSU.

Jeremy Maclin Charity Weekend

This weekend I shot video for my final project for my journalism at the Jeremy Maclin Foundation‘s charity weekend held in Columbia. This was the first time Macling held the camp at his alma mater, and invited about 20 other former tigers to help lead the event.

The weekend started Friday afternoon with a trip to Boys and Girls Club of Columbia. Maclin presented a $2,000 check and signed autographs before making a second appearance at Ronald McDonald House. Many of the other NFL players, like Sean Weatherspoon and Ziggy Hood stayed to play with kinds at Boys and Girls Club. Foursquare, basketball, and chalk drawing were popular activities for both players and kids. The players seemed to really enjoy interacting with the children and each other, and looked like they were having at least as much, is not more, fun playing and joking outside. The common theme throughout my interviews was the importance of giving back to a community that gave them so much. Columbia and Mizzou football launched these players’ NFL careers.

Football camp was held Saturday morning at the Mizzou Athletic Training Center on the football practice fields. The day began with rotations of different skill tests coached by NFL players. Participants were divided into age groups and began running drills. There was definitely fun atmosphere, but the players emphasized the importance of teaching proper techniques. After a successful circuit, participants was encouraged to spike the ball and do a touch down dance. Success was rewarded with fun. From being chased and picked up to being tackled and doing push ups, the children truly received individualized attention. After all groups had gone through the rotation, the boys split up into groups based on position for more specific drills. The day ended with players signing autographs and taking pictures.

Former Mizzou football players take a group photo with children from the Columbia, Mo. Boys and Girls Club Friday, April 5, 2013.

Former Mizzou football players take a group photo with children from the Columbia, Mo. Boys and Girls Club Friday, April 5, 2013.


Sean Weatherspoon, linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, coaches drills Saturday morning, April 6, at Jeremy Maclin’s football clinic.


Jeremy Maclin’s Philadelphia Eagles jersey is on display in the Mizzou Athletic Training Facility mezzanine atrium.